You Can't Stay Seventeen Forever

Episode 2: A Long First Day...
Tarot Card: Queen of Swords

A hell of a first day back, and week I guess, considering I missed most of it. Bloody Fae Realms and their stupid laws. But from where we left off I made straight for the ‘careers’ fair, which seemed to have some problems of its own. Quickly filling Abbi and Callum in on the impending death of whichever teacher it was this time, Mr Harris? I think, Music or whatever. And then at an inconvenient time, the floor caved (not that a caving in floor is ever convenient (well except that one time)). Falling in on the good old wards for Dr. Elliots.

One problem at a time, Mr. Harris not looking good, we rang an ambulance and I got Shade to dump him on the pavement out the front of school, hopefully if he lives he’ll put it all down to a near death experience or something, less important than his life at the end of the day.

The phone call then switched across to the being who seems to be calling itself the end of the world. Wanted to speak with Abbi it said, so that’ll be interesting. I didn’t hear it, Callum took the call, then started humming, problem for after the rest of it.

Problem two, potential damage to the ward and Dr Elliots being chatty behind his door. In some way connected to the End of the World he’d gotten a weird shiny golden phone and a bunch of fucking bear traps. I like my legs, why couldn’t it have just been my left arm again.  I guess that’s the problem of walking through non-existent doors. We severely need to work out his damn Phylactery.

Then back to the damn Fae realms, popped to the Nurse about the leg, got a quick lecture, which was then ended by the arrival of people who had apparently been strapped to the hall roof all day or something. I got the wheelchair and headed back to the others. Or tried to until the damn Fae door popped open. Ice + Wheelchair, not fun. Rhyming couplets and ice and wheelchairs, I’ve had better times in the Fae realms, kinda left this one to Abbi & Callum, lost a week for the wait. I need to work on my rhyming before I have to go through anymore doors.  

And problem three, our monsters are all idiots, some stupid prank war between Tonesh & Twiglet that had a jar of anthrax as a prize. One of these ‘pranks’ ended up with my sister’s hands in one of the fucking beartraps that got put in the library. I’m about ready to throttle all three of them. Got a lecture from her about the future, after all the applications to Oxbridge are already closed don’t you know! She worries and I get that, but someone has to sort all this stuff. The End of the World won’t fix itself.  

And to top it all of Rae is somewhat pissed at me again, which is somewhat fair and somewhat not. Got another lecture, which she doesn’t get to give anymore, she broke up with me after all.

Like I didn’t ask for this. It was great as a kid, but maybe they’re right when they keep telling me I need to grow up. Maybe I do need to start thinking about what’s next, the dumbass year 9s, ‘Triple D’ will have to do a better job than they’re doing now, but maybe if we start helping them, they could do alright…

Episode 1: What The Future Holds
Tarot Card: The Tower

First day back, final year of this place. I really need to get out the habit of saying ‘What could go wrong’, everything, everything can always go wrong!

Ms. Leng started the day with an entirely ‘motivating’ speech about the future, blah blah blah. Then we all got to have fun meetings with Mr Verms, talk about wrong order, any motivation people might have had got knocked out pretty quick. Mr Verms has a way of trying to help in the most unhelpful fashion. Asked what I was continuing with, Philosophy, Psychology and History, Maths never really fit in anyway and then called me a Morbid person when I told him what I wanted didn’t really matter. I was going to go to Uni and get a degree because that’s what I had to do to get on with life. Wasn’t entirely focused on the meeting considering Shade told me Mr Verms didn’t really have long left, a there was a small chance that was going to be cut shorter by some kind of icicle weapon.

Bailed out of there pretty quick, went looking for Abbi and Callum, found them waiting for me, chatter of a mysterious stranger in our Courtyard, it had also started to snow. Turns out he was some kind of Winter court noble, came bearing gifts [8 ice daggers, that apparently won’t miss a target and won’t melt or something like that] and asking for passage through our lands. Not worth dealing with not letting them so we agreed. Apparently he hailed from the Land of Glace, and we now have an open invite to visit his queen.  As part of the deal however we’re not to have dealing with a new goblin market, making its way to us. Something else we’ll need to deal with.

As that wrapped up, life as always continued to make a bad day worse, a shrill sound rang out, racked my brain a bit, carried the sound of a self-summoning, not good. Then it started raining blood. Really not good. Dived inside, and then my new Psych teach found me. Already missing lectures it would seem, prob should have checked my timetable, but I’ll get to that when it’s not raining blood or Shades telling me someone’s about to die! Went to class, walked out 15 minutes later, because it was still raining. Went looking for Abbi & Callum again, text them, get the strange reply ‘At goblin market, no one here, Rae is fine’ followed by a ‘please say these words…’ Yeah not okay, text back, get a text saying ‘down’ so up it was. The roof, good thing too, get there and I see Callum wrestling to get Rae inside with vines, she’s singing some rather odd song and Abbi seems ready to attack something. Cloud burst, literally as some weird cloud entities headed for us. Off we go, Shade starts flinging Shadows, I went for the blaster, Tonesh starts chucking light, Twiglet defending from anything they throw and Callum dealing with Rae’s singing. Chalked up another win, but there is now a strange rune to look into.

Rae seemed to come back to herself pretty quickly considering, coughing up a load of the blood rain, she thanked us, sort of before saying she needed to get back to helping set up the job fair, I mean wtf, apparently to get her out of detention but whatever, I think she just wanted to get out of our way and whatever the hell had just happened. With lunch and lectures Abbi & Callum disappeared off to do their various things, I thought I’d get a jump on the symbol, reverse searching is always a handy thing.

Headed for the computers, search didn’t give much aside from a number and a very strange webpage, [02064 249594] haven’t called it yet, think it’s just a normal number though. Figured I’d regroup first. Then the power cut out. And the ground started shaking a bit. Really time to regroup. Asked Shade where I’d probably find them, figured he might sense something and considering ‘they’re likely near the man about to die,’ I fucking ran…

Christmas Challenge

Anyone who has their character, monster and all their relationships* (as characters) up on the wiki before new year gets a bonus monster die.

*As you've all know each other for years, please have some kind of relationships with other characters or the group as a whole.

Basic Setting and Build Rules
Let's get started!

Welcome to You Can't Stay Seventeen Forever! 

Rules for building characters are up on the front page – something for you to do over christmas. Game will commence after january exams. If you don't have a pdf of the rules I'll put them up sometime soon.

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