Callum's Weird Fae Centaur Monster

Appearance A slender, androgynous, 8ft tall centaur with a wicked sharp tree-branch for an arm, gnarled wooden horns, and a mostly featureless, mask-like face with mysterious glowing eyes. Twiglet’s body changes with the seasons, as do its powers (picture portrays its autumn form).
Personality Gregarious and inquisitive towards anything it perceives as non-threatening, yet at the same time timid and easily spooked should trouble arise. When it comes to anyone Twiglet regards as part of its herd, it will fight tirelessly to defend that person.
Favourite Thing Roaming free in natural spaces. Twiglet doesn’t much like inner city London, but Streatham Common provides sufficient green space for it to enjoy. Failing that, there are of course many Fae Realms to explore…
Way to Hide Twiglet can jump (quite literally!) between the various Fae Realms at will, leaving behind a small sensory effect relating to the season – for example, a sudden scent of honeysuckle on a lazy summer’s afternoon, or a particularly chilly gust of wind on a dreary December morning.
Stolen/Borrowed Relationships -
Dice Attacks/Defends/Useful Extras
Slender Legs
8D Trampling Hooves [Attacks]
Dimensional Jump [Useful: Travel to the Fae Realms]
Awesome 2
Splash 2
Tough 4
Wicked Fast 4
Mystic Heart
9D Herbal Remedy [Useful: Healing, Spring Only]
Strange Mirages [Useful: Confuse, Summer Only]
Thorny Grasp [Useful: Ensnare, Autumn Only]
Chilling Wind [Useful: Freeze, Winter Only]
Area 4
Awesome 2
Sweet 4
Tough 4
Wicked Fast 4
Gnarled Arm
9D Vicious Slash [Attacks]
Deft Parry [Defends]
Awesome 2
Burning 4*
Gnarly 4
Wicked Fast 4
All-Seeing Eyes
8D Uncanny Foresight [Defends]
Magical Vision [Useful: Detect Hidden Things]
Awesome 2
Wicked Fast 4

*Bleeding in Spring, Fire in Summer, Poison in Autumn, Frostbite in Winter



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