Childhood's been pretty rough. You've had your monster friend beside you for a while and you've made some pretty decent friends along the way, but no one would say it's been an easy ride for you. What with the demons and the zombie apocalypse and that one really annoying guy who ate ambition and had a stupid hat. Even without all that, school can be pretty rough for someone who talks to things that aren't there and misses important parties to hunt vampires. You'd almost be glad it's all about to end. Almost. The thing is, no one knows what happens when you turn 18. You've certainly never met an adult with a monster. At least, not one that was really their own. And who's going to take on the job of defending the place if you go – by now you're de facto rulers of the area among the local demimonde – leaving would create a power vacuum those immature young kids with monsters won't be able to fill. There's other scary things on the horizon: adulthood. Jobs, universities, serious romance are all starting to converge on daily life, which is hard, because it's not like the ghost-ninja-rhinos stop turning up just because you have an interview. But still, it's not like you can stay seventeen forever. Can you?

Build rules: Make a normal kid and monster as per book & bigger bads (you can't use big) max cap for anything is 5 – 5 in any stat, skill or Monster perk.

Gain 6 extra stat points

Gain 30 extra skill points – you can take non-standard skills (driving, shooting, stealth, ninjitsu, ritualism, etc) as long as you have a story behind it

Gain 6 extra relationship points

Gain 40 extra monster dice!

Write in an ally, a secret, a weapon and a scar – I'll give you rules for them when submitted


4 pillars of the game:

1) Lords of your domain: You are powerful and have been defending the area for years, most beings in the know treat you as in charge, respecting your turf and occasionally asking your aid.

2) The future is scary: Adulthood is terrifying. It has all sorts of responsibilities and demands. Scarier than that is the thought of losing your monster friend – your boon companion for much of your life. And of course there's the dark whisper that maybe the reason no adults have monsters isn't because the monsters leave, it's because there's no chance for the kids to grow up…

3) Veteran of Many Adventures: You've been there, done that, got the engraved golden chainmail. Prized or rare items from your youth are scattered under your bed – that AK47, this enchanted forest in a bottle, so-and-so's soul crystal majiggy. You know where the goblin markets are held and which demon bar will have the right information. Conversely, you can be rather jaded by this point, the vast world of the supernatural having lost some of its charm and wonder.

4) R-rated: This is the messy world of teenagers and young adults. Some of your friends are discovering drugs, sex or serious mental disorders. People change, people die, people move away and stop talking to you. You're going to have to learn to deal.

You Can't Stay Seventeen Forever

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