Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Crane

Thrill Seeking Occultist


Essential Data:
Student Name: Elizabeth Crane Monster: Shade
Parents/Guardians: Rachel & Neil Crane Siblings: Annie Crane
Birth Date: 23/05/1999 Gender: Female
Current Year: Upper Sixth/Year 13
History, Philosophy & Psychology
School Dunraven
Exp Gained 5 (11) Exp Spent: 16
3 XP – Stat Fixing/5 XP – Gnarly
Subjective Evaluation:
Appearance: Dark haired, dark eyed and fair skinned, Lizzy is about average height at around 5’6". She is quite skinny but as with most monster kids quite fit from all the running and heroism. Usually seen wearing fitted dark shaded clothing, and long gloves that run up to her elbows.
Personality: Lizzy’s gotten a little cocky about life, been there, done that, got the shiny artifact and made it home in time for dinner. This has also led to her being a bit of a thrill seeker, and she’s pretty much always willing to try something at least once.
Favourite Thing: Lizzy has a collection of jewelry that she has collected over the years, often as mementos of the travels she has done, for example the collection contains pieces from both the Shadow and Fae realms. Often the pieces are made out of strange and unknown gems which is what Lizzy is drawn to.

Her favorite pieces however are a Bloodstone talisman Rae bought her and a small silver and blue locket Annie got her for her 16th Birthday
Ally Rae, witch & ex-girlfriend but back on friendly terms after the incident with the evil coven.
Secret TBC
Weapon Argentum MultiSpectral Megablaster Mark 5.
Scar: Lizzy broke her left arm several times within quite a short space of time, she eventually learnt to defend her left better. However, her arm never had a chance to heal properly and she continues to occasionally have movement issues if she bends it a certain way
(loc 1-2)
(loc 3-6)
(loc 7-8)
(loc 9)
(loc 10)
P.E. 3 Wind 3 Shop - Out-think 3 Charm 3
Kick 2 Courage 5 Punch - Remember 3 Put-down 3
Dodge 2 Wrestle - Block 2 Notice 4 Connive 4
- - - - Driving 2 Occult
2 Spellcraft 2
- - - - Guns 2 - - - -
Mum & Dad 2
Annie 3
Rae 1
Callum 3
Abbi 3

Jewelry Collection

Important Pieces

Locket from Annie, received on 16th Birthday, locket contains pictures of Lizzy’s parents and her sister

Pendant/Talisman received from Rae when the pair started dating, made from Bloodstone which is the gem for luck with endurance, often worn for protection in fights or challenging situations

Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Crane

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